re-activated …

We’re Baaaack 🙂

This web site was quickly constructed in an attempt to replace the “New Plymouth News” paper when it was suddenly discontinued. At that time it was intended to become a local source of current news and information. We were not able to muster adequate support from the community to make that work.

When the “New Plymouth Register” came to town. we essentially de-activated the site in support of it succeeding. There continues to be a high ratio of technically-challenged residents in New Plymouth ID. Not enough of the “old-timers” have succumbed to the advice and encouragement of their grandchildren to “get with it.” For many locals, if they can’t get ink on their fingers, they aren’t going to get local news.

The Challenges:

For those of us who have our heads in the cloud, or, at least a face in front of an android device, printing a newspaper seems like a regression to the stone age. Oxygen-producing trees have to be ripped out of the ground and trucked off to pulping factories. From there it is slurried with water and chemicals, sprayed onto huge sheets, dried, pressed, sheared and re-sheared, trucked all over the world, printed on, re-sheared, folded, bundled, trucked to transfer stations, then delivered to doorknobs by little children who are driven around by their mothers who hopefully have taught them to always look both ways before they dash across the streets.

All this to deliver a few tidbits about what WAS news–about a week ago–nestled into as many outrageously expensive advertisements as can be squeezed on each page as possible to cover the expense of all that madness.

The Solutions:

  • Get an iPhone, Android or Windows phone with a data plan
  • If you don’t have a computer, one of your friends is replacing their “last-year” model and will likely be delighted to give it to you. Ask your neighbor what the security code is on their WiFi.
  • Whenever anything happens that the community should know, write a quick report and send it to
  • Tell everyone you know. Make it of the community, by the community and for the community.
  • Tell the businesses that you patronize that they can save a bundle of money by switching from expensive print advertising to cheap online advertising, because you got with the program.
  • Find something else to use to line your birdcage …


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