New Plymouth Church Directory

All telephone prefix are “208” unless otherwise specified.

  • New Plymouth ID Assembly of God churchAssembly of God
    4025 US Highway 30
    Phone:  278-5711

  • New Plymouth ID Bible Faith FellowshipBible Faith Fellowship
    321 SW Avenue
    Phone:  278-3125

  • New Plymouth ID Catholic ChurchCatholic Traditional Latin Mass
    221 W Elm Street
    Phone:   773-7442

  • New Plymouth ID LDS churchChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    521 S Plymouth Avenue
    Phone:  278-3663

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    202 S Plymouth Avenue
    Phone:  278-9290

  • New Plymouth ID Church of the NazareneChurch of the Nazarene
    127 Holly Avenue
    Phone:  278-9494

  • New Plymouth ID Community of ChristCommunity of Christ
    Elm and West Boulevard

  • New Plymouth ID Baptist churchFirst Baptist Church of New Plymouth
    204 E Elm Street
    Phone:  278-3233

  • New Plymouth ID Immanual Lutheran churchImmanuel Lutheran Church
    Elm and West Boulevard
    Phone:  278-3080

  • SeventhDayAdventist2-75SeventhDayAdventistServices-75New Plymouth Seventh Day Adventist Church
    109 East Park Avenue
    Phone:  278-3813

  • New Plymouth ID Pigrims for ChristPilgrims for Christ Fellowship
    212 West Maple Street
    Phone:  642-4460

  • New Plymouth ID Congregational ChurchPlymouth Congregational Church
    207 SW Boulevard
    Phone:  278-3577

  • New Plymouth ID Mwnnonite churchTreasure Valley Mennonite Church
    4110 SW 1st Avenue
    Phone:  278-3769 

  • MennoniteSchool-75Treasure Valley Mennonite School
    4110 SW 1st Avenue
    Phone:  278-3368

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