Church Directory Enhancements

Churches are one of the most important factions of any community. More than a place to learn and share theological and deistic dogma, churches create sub-communities within each community. They become hubs wherein like-minded individuals can give and receive a greater level of support than can be found in the general population.

It is the policy of to accept, support and promote all churches, religions and spiritual philosophies equally–regardless of any personal prejudice held by staff members. This policy of non-discrimination is extended to include no discrimination on the basis of prosperity. Because of this, will not charge any church, religious group or spiritual group for any promotional listings or postings.


  1. All posted material must be pro-your organization rather than anti-another organization, group or individual. (Satanic deities excepted.)
  2. All posted material must be constructive rather than destructive.
  3. All posted material must be free from discrimination of any kind. (Again, satanic deities excepted.)
  4. Off-site links may be made to established organizational discriminations only so long as those discriminations do not purport violence, aggression or hatred.
  5. If your religious or spiritual affiliation does not have a presence in New Plymouth, ID, (Pentacostal, Unity, Bhuddist, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, etc.) a mention of the nearest meeting place for that group may be included in the Churches Directory–subject to these guidelines.
  6. In cases of interpretation, the ruling of a council of site Users with Editor status or above will prevail.
  7. New guidelines may be added to this list at any time. All guidelines, new or existing, will govern the contents of this web site, regardless of posting date.


Since there is no charge for inclusions for churches, religious and spiritual organizations, it is suggested that you include, as a minimum:

  • Church or organization name, affiliation, address and telephone numbers.
  • Name(s) and phone numbers of clergy and administrators
  • Established/recurring schedule of meetings.
  • Link to your web site, or, create a web page for your organization on
  • Links to your organization’s YouTube page, Twitter account, USTREAM page, Pinterest page, Facebook page, Google+ page, and other social network sites.

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