SREDA Board Meeting
January 8, 2014
TVCC Board Room

Members and guests Present:  Mike Hanigan, Sandy Hemenway, Logan Hamilton, Patrick Nauman, Randy Griffin, Ken Hart, Rita Lewis, Nancy Dale, LeRoy Cammack, John Breidenbach, Jay Henry, Barry Carlman, Bruce Jensen, Doug Lamm, Jeff Williams, Harry Flock, Dana Young, Ed Susman, Carol Campbell, Ryan Kerby, Matt Sorensen, Howard Rynearson, Tami Hart, Susan Badger-Jones, Dennis Ackroyd, and Kathleen Cathey.

Board Meeting Agenda:

1.            Call meeting to order – Vice Chair Mike Hanigan called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone at 7:02 a.m.  Mike then turned the meeting over to Ken Hart who discussed the Poverty to Prosperity (P2P) project and specifically, the Allied Health initiative and meeting which Ken was convening shortly.  Ken then explained some changes with St. Alphonsus hospital at the CEO level.  Rick Palagi, current CEO, will be leaving his position and the Hospital in the next couple of weeks and Carl Keeler, a current Vice President with St. Alphonsus will be the new CEO serving in a dual capacity.  Ken noted the P2P initiative has had great support from TVCC and the three local high schools, Ontario, Vale and Nyssa, but now really needs a financial infusion from Salem for this project to really take off as planned and needed.

2.            Introductions – Chairman Logan Hamilton then asked the group to introduce themselves.  We then went around the room and had a folks present introduce themselves.

3.            Approval of December minutes – The December board minutes were then discussed and approved.  Doug Lamm made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Leroy Cammack.  The motion passed unanimously.

4.            Financial Update – Sandy Hemenway, Treasurer then provide the group with a financial statement handout which Sandy explained all aspects in detail and answered any questions.  The total checking/savings dollar amount was $73,253.69.  This was an annual financial statement update and review.  Sandy then asked if anyone had any questions, there were none.  Bruce Jensen then made a motion to approve the financial statement as presented, seconded by Barry Carlman.  The motion passed unanimously.

5.            Draft Work Plan – Chairman Hamilton then briefly explained the draft SREDA work plan for the coming year.  This draft plan was distributed to all members.  Logan stated, “If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns, to please contact either Kit Kamo, Executive Director, Logan Hamilton, Chairman or Mike Hanigan, Vice Chairman with comments you may have.

6.            Doug Lamm – Update Ag Show – Doug explained two items are forth coming, the Treasure Valley Agricultural Show at the FRCC occurring this month and then also later this month OSU will present “Ties to Land”, which is aimed at folks who what to keep the farm and family intact.  If you have a chance please attend both events.

7.            Community Updates:

Nyssa – Harry Flock stated the City will have an open house regarding use of industrial lands tonight in Nyssa.  Harry discussed and explained some of the challenges with opening up of industrial lands in the State of Oregon.

Vale – Logan Hamilton had nothing to report at this time.

Ontario- Jay Henry, Ontario City Manager, reported and discussed the City is now poised for expansion.  The City has been very busy on several fronts which include completing an engineering study, reviewing the Police and Fire Departments for suggested better utilization, have gone out with an RFP for engineering services, and they are also reviewing the public works departments looking for ways to improve all of these operations.  Jay also stated the City will currently be receiving the annual audit report back from the Auditors and at this time he is not sure if it will be clean report or not.

Payette – Council member Nancy Dale provided the Payette update and explained two items.  One is the new bike trail for kids the City is working on and the other project is the addition of new boat docks in the park on the river for better and expanded use of the Snake River.

Weiser – No one was present from Weiser.  Patrick N. came in after these reports were given.  However, the next SREDA meeting in February will be in Weiser.

New Plymouth – Ryan Kirby discussed the City is in progress of completing a new fifty-five home subdivision which is located very close to the City schools and park.  Plans are to start construction this summer.  This will be a nice addition to the City of New Plymouth.

Fruitland – No one was present from Fruitland.

Chairman Hamilton then stated he is glad to see and hear what is going on in everyone’s local communities.  This is good for all of us.  Vice-Chairman Mike Hanigan then discussed and updated the group on the Rockstep Capital, Andy Wiener project with the proposed development of the old Ontario mall.  Mr. Wiener is trying to develop the mall which would be a huge boost to local economic development in the area.  However, at this time he has let his option to develop this site expire, but Andy was very positive about this site, is looking for a partner to lease approximately 60,000 sq. ft. in the mall building in the future, and then may pick this project and move ahead at a later date.

8.            Executive Director Report – Kit introduced Kathleen Cathey from Senator Ron Wyden’s office who is housed in the La Grande, OR office.  She explained the Senator has introduced some new forestry legislation which may not impact MalheurCounty much but is also working on a bill regarding huge fires, where funding is diverted creating more stability.  He is working with Idaho Senator Mike Crappo on this bill.  Then, Oregon Representative Cliff Bentz sent out a notice on the Sage Grouse meeting which will be held tonight.  New regulations are being proposed by the BLM which if approved, will severely impact all rural areas of Eastern Oregon.  This meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. today at FRCC.

Kit then discussed a proposal she worked on with Bob Skinner regarding a socioeconomic study by Headwaters and a proposal to lock up public lands. Again, this could have a huge impact on Eastern Oregon.

Monday Kit is going to the Shot show in Las Vegas which is a weeklong show.  It is also a very large show.  SREDA participates with the State of Idaho at this show.  Next Sunday Kit will then be attending another show, a three day event, working with Team Oregon and targeting food processing companies.

a.            Projects – Project Sun:  Project Idaho Cargo:  Project 78 – Kit stated “Project Sun” is a solar project in being planned in MalheurCounty.  “Project Idaho Cargo” is on the Idaho side which would consist of building cargo trailers.  This company would bring in 50 new employees.  She then explained that Project 78 consists at this time of a site in either Ontario or Fruitland.  We should hear something on this project in February.  The company will start with about 300 employees and then expand to a total of 750 after build out completion.  On the Oregon side, Railroad Avenue is the preferred area and on the Idaho side the discussed site is south of Fruitland.  The company requires 300 acres for their operation. Project Stanton – nothing at this time on this project.  Also, a project in Weiser is on hold too.

b.            Economic Breakfast & Visit by Site Selector – Kit explained this year will be a little different than in the past.  This year we will be bringing in a Site Selector who will tour each of our communities on Feb. 27th visiting with cities, counties, the college, etc. Then our breakfast will be held the following morning, February 28th.  At that time the Site Selector person will discuss with us how ready he thinks each of our communities are for site visits from future companies looking at our area.  This will be a way for all of us to gauge how ready we are and what improvements need to be made helping us in the future.  He will also update the group on what industries are expanding and other national and global information.

d.            Other – Kit stated we partnered with the Onion Growers group on the Idaho Eastern Oregon Onion Festival and then ended up in one of their distributed publications, Onion World magazine.  This is and was, very good recognition for SREDA.

Kit then passed out the 2013 SREDA report card for the year which members reviewed.

9.            Round Table Board, Members & Guests:

Tami Hart asked about the possibility of re-establishing a Payette or Fruitland chamber and is there a group working on this.  Jeff Williams responded, “I am not sure what the group may be titled but some things have been done.” and Jeff was not sure about Fruitland.  John Breidenbach from the Ontario chamber explained his philosophy that the Ontario chamber will represent all businesses in the surrounding SREDA area.  We are here to promote growth and development in all of our local communities.

President Young then gave a brief College update.  She discussed the college annexation of our livestock center into the City of Ontario and that we are applying for a stem grant with the State of Oregon for continued and increased welding with the local high schools and then some of the new allied health program ideas.  Randy Griffin then explained the reason for the LivestockCenter annexation into the City was to hook up to sewer and water for the restroom facilities located on the site.

Bruce Jensen announced that St Luke’s new Fruitland facility is on track for a May 1, 2014 opening.  It was also stated that our May 2014 SREDRA board meeting will be at the new facility.

John B. also stated this is an election year and the chamber will be hosting and having several candidates running for elected positions coming Ontario for community visits.  These will be announced at a later date.

Jeff Williams discussed the Payette/Washington County Board of Realtors and stated they are completing their line item budget.  Jeff will be meeting with the directors today and then another meeting will be held.  He also needs a couple of volunteers to come to the luncheon and talk about SREDA.

Rita Lewis announced the Sterling Bank/Umpqua Bank merger and stated it is moving ahead on schedule.  This is a very positive move which will require a name change and everything should be completed and finalized in June.

Mr. Howard Rynearson from Payette, discussed a republican meeting he was at and some of the comments he heard there.  He mentioned the Twin Falls SIEDO economic development organization and what they have done in terms of bringing in new dollars for the Twin Falls area.  It is a huge financial impact and several new companies where mentioned.  He also stated several employers are looking for a skilled work force for hands on skills which may even involve the College.

The next SREDA board meeting will be on February 5, 2014, 7 am at the Vendome in Weiser, Idaho.

10.          Adjourn – Chairman Hamilton then adjourned the meeting 7:59 a.m.

Minutes prepared by Randy Griffin, SREDA Secretary






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