Advertise Through   (208) 278-1615 hosts both Graphic Display and Classified advertising. Advertising rates are still being worked out, but New Plymouth residents who participate in operating receive free classified listings. This includes those who provide news items and photographs. Non-participating residents may be charges a $5 listing fee, but then their classified ad may run continuously without additional charge.

Non-residents will be charged a combination listing and first month fee of $10, then $5 for each additional month or portion of a month that their classified ad runs.

Graphic Display advertising will be based on pixel height and width, and is still to be determined. Graphic ads may be up to 796 pixels wide. Pixel height is unlimited.

Website Hosting and Design

Wondering how to set up or improve your Web presence? ABCompany does that. Call Bruce at 278-1615 to discuss your special needs.

Posting and Advertising Rates for


In the interest of public service, we will endeavor to keep the posting and advertising rates as low as possible. Conversely, a continuous flow of income is required in order to pay the bills and continue its operation.  Since, on this first week of operation, we have no history to base our cost of operation on, our initial rates may turn out to be too low or too high. For this reason, our rates are subject to change without notice.

Our advantage is that we have no printing and distribution costs–just Internet connection, hosting, equipment and staff costs. Where “Nickle Ads” may require $100,000 per month to publish, print and distribute their weekly advertisements, can likely operate smoothly on only $2,000 per month.

Our dis-advantage is that New Plymouth is a small community with limited advertising needs. We must fund the site with only a fraction of the number of advertisers.

By comparison, advertising is a remarkable bargain! For example, “the NICKEL” in LaGrande charges $7 per week per (square) inch, or $7 for 15 words or less and $0.10 per additional word per week. Since “per inch” does not transfer to a web site, posts and ads in are based on lines, and is charged monthly. Since an average line is over 20 words, at the rate of $2 per line, ongoing ads. (There is a one-time posting or change fee of $5 per ad.)  

Based on these numbers, a continuing 40-word ad in the NICKLE which would cost more than $40 per month is only $4/month in–ten times less! 

Posting and Advertising Rates

(NOTE: Rates shown are discounted by 50% for New Plymouth businesses and residents. If you do not have a “278-” telephone prefix and are not located between Letha, the freeway, Fruitland and the bluff, your rates are double those shown below. If you have questions about this, please call (208) 278-1615.

100 pixel squareFees for Display Ads are also determined by the number of  normal “paragraph” lines that they fill, and the column width that they consume. The display block to the right is 100 pixels square. In addition to a $5 one-time graphic posting fee, the design fees are $36/hour if we design your graphic, or a one-time reformatting and sizing charge of $5 if you provide your own graphic.

As you can see from the above example, a 100 pixel high display ad consumes about 5 lines of space. The charge for continuing ads with a graphic will be determined by the lines, irrespective of the width of the graphic. Graphics can be up to 800 pixels wide, as shown below:
800 x 200 rectangleThe fees for this size are based on 9 lines, which is only $18 per month, continuing.

600 X 300 rectangleThe advantage of a narrower wide graphic is that there can be room to add a little bit of text on either the left or right side of the graphic. This is helpful if you would like to explain something that the graphic does not convey. Note that a 300 pixel high graphic spans only 13 lines, setting the fee at only $26 per month, continuing.


A simple two-line notice in the news section is free, i.e. 
John J Smith, Sr. of New Plymouth ID  passed 11-1-2013 at 6:30 PM. Services to be held on Monday 11-4, 4 PM at the New Plymouth Baptist church.”  

Also, there is no posting fee for 2 line obituaries.

Expanded obituaries with no photograph are one dollar per additional line plus a five dollar posting fee. Your text may given to us either on paper or electronically. See Contact Form.

Adding digital images (JPEG, TIFF, GIF): $10 each sizing and re-formatting fee.

Scanning, then adding physical images: $15 each.


  1. Adding images will increase the number of lines.
  2. Posted obituaries will be retained for at least one year, unless otherwise instructed.

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